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    Wool wash for knits help

    Hi all! I'm new to soap making and am looking for a soap recipe to solve a specific problem. I'm an avid knitter and want to be able to make my own liquid wool wash for my knits. Traditional wool wash recipes use methylated spirits, which I'd prefer to avoid, and don't include any lanolin. I've...
  2. V

    Lanolin Wool wash and conditioner bar

    Hi everyone! I’m totally new here, and to soap making in general. I introduced myself in the introduction thread, but to make it quick, I’ll do it here as well :) My name is Caroline and I’m a French expat living in NZ, I have an hand dyed yarn business and I’m looking to create a line of bar...
  3. R

    Wool Soap

    Hi Everyone, I am new to soap making - not really looking to get too into making soap, I am just mainly interested in making my own wool wash. Its not really available in any store in my area, and there is only one knitting shop in the entire city and they dont stock stuff like that. The stuff...