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  1. S

    Longer Wick - Shorter Flame?

    So as we all have been told, well generally all of us, a longer wooden wick usually results in a longer flame - correct? Hence why wooden wicks need to be trimmed after a certain point. I'm an amateur candle maker -- been self-learning and testing on and off for almost two years now, and I'd...
  2. C

    Weird melt

    Hey, my candle has a weird melt. At the start the candle looked perfect but when i started to burn the candle it first started to burn in a tunnel en then all of u sudden i saw this weird texture (it is hard but just looks really weird).
  3. lyschelw

    Check out the new "Wave" wick!

    I am very excited to introduce our new "Wave" Wooden Wick! We are having an huge Pre-Sale! Order now at more than 50% off the regular price. Wicks will ship once they get to us (any day now) and sale will end!