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  1. dndlyon

    Wire soap cutters - when to replace the wires?

    Hello there! Quick question about wire soap cutters... I have a multi-bar cutter that I purchased from Bud's Woodshop on Etsy. I've been using it for over a year and have probably cut close to 100 batches of CP soap on it. I cut 4 loafs into bars yesterday and noticed that the bottom of the...
  2. R

    Wire vs knife for cutting?

    I just tried cutting with an egg slicer (cuts in thin slices) and it seems to work pretty sell. It is smooth but it doesn't seem like the cuts are totally straight. Has anyone else noticed this with wire cutters? I have a very thin & very sharp knife (almost a fillet knife) that works VERY...
  3. Amber123

    Slab Mold VS Wire Cutter pros/cons

    I posted this on a fb forum and only got one person's opinion..and would like some more before I place my order. I've been using regular silicone loaf molds and cutting by hand but my bars are never perfectly sized by weight or very uniform looking so I need to invest in a wire bar cutter...