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  1. G

    Profit Margins

    So, I am hoping that by sharing my business profit margins that others might be willing to share and help us all to shed light on reasonable pricing while growing our businesses. The longer I'm in business, the more I realize that my prices should be higher (ideally). Currently, my bars...
  2. S

    Reselling without permission?

    I make a dog shampoo bar. It's one of the products with which I am most pleased--I've even used on myself, because I love the smell and because it's very gentle! I sell this bar on Etsy and it does fair-to-middling well, but not great. All of a sudden, though, I have this repeat customer who...
  3. MatthewDM

    Bulk/Wholesale Oils

    1. Does anyone know a wholesale seller of base oils in Southern California that allows for personal pick up (to avoid shipping cost)? 2. What are the better online sites that are wholesale sellers of base oils that have low (or no) shipping cost? 3. I love soap crafting Thanks :-)
  4. C

    Wholesale Olive Oil

    Does anyone have a supplier that they have found that offers the BEST price on Bulk Olive Oil purchases??
  5. H

    Soap Supplier AUSTRALIA

    Hi there, I live in Sydney and I found my online wholesaler along with a lot of other rather expensive online suppliers. Can anyone recommend a good wholesale who supplies soap making products in AUSTRALIA? Thanks Hepzi