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  1. Rendered lard IMG_7122.JPG

    Rendered lard IMG_7122.JPG

    Leaf lard rendered twice and poured into containers
  2. HowieRoll's Textured Paw Prints Rimmed soap

    HowieRoll's Textured Paw Prints Rimmed soap

    HowieRoll's entry in June 2019 Challenge - Rimmed Soap Link to description: https://www.soapmakingforum.com/threads/june-2019-smf-challenge-rimmed-soap-entry-thread.75490/#post-775357
  3. D

    New soapmaker. Titanium dioxide to make soap base white

    What type of titanium dioxide to use to make soap base white. There are many types. It is confusing. Where is best place to buy and price, without outrageous shipping costs? Thanks! Doris
  4. shimmersoap

    Hobby Lobby Scents

    I just bought a hobby lobby scent. It's called 'White Pear' How was your experiences with HB scents?:)
  5. S

    Why can't I make white colored HP soaps!!!

    :cry::cry: I wanted to make white or at least ivory like color with HP. But it only came out tan, a dark ugly tan that is. Whilst I was stirring after turning the heat off, the color was really tan-like so I mixed in the white oxide (it's the only white I had in hand at the moment). That...
  6. F

    White speckle/streak in soap

    So lately, my bars have been turning out white and speckle-y after a day's cure. I don't believe it is lye, I used the soaps myself to check. I always use the exact same recipe as well... palm, olive, castor, coconut. Some days it is good, others i get the gross whiteness you see in the...
  7. C

    Sticky white layer on cpop

    I have been using CPOP lately and am having trouble. Every single batch is giving me a thin sticky white bubbly layer on top. I thought it might be soap ash or lye film but I can't find anyone who is describing this a sticky, just a powder and mine is not a power. Help?? What can I do to...