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  1. K

    Whipped soap

    Hello, I made Web so using the following recipe: Lard 2.11lb Coconut oil. 48lb Lye .37lb D. Water 1.00lb I used a stand mixer to mix my Lye water and oils But it never got fluffy can you please advise what I did wrong?
  2. S

    Phenoxyethanol preservative in whipped soap?

    Can we use Phenoxyethanol as a preservative in whipped soap? Thank you
  3. QueenJ

    HELP! whipped soap scrubs and whipped body butter

    Hi ya’ll so tell me temperatures and humidity plays a huge factor with the whipping correct ? Im having issues tonight. so I’ve been using the same formula and technique in the last year and the same thing keeps happening. Some days I can get it to whip up so nicely with the perfect...
  4. E

    Foaming bath butter

    I purchased a recipe for a foaming bath butter base but when I rinse it, the skin feel is terrible! I’m thinking to sub the stearic acid for Cetyl alcohol. Anyone have experience with foaming bath butters/whips??
  5. cmzaha

    Cream Soap Calculator

    It would be so great if someone designed a Cream Soap Calc. It just makes it so much easier. I have always used the Summer Bee Meadow Calculator, but not sure if they are working on upgrades or what. Summer bee Meadow has a new site but it is not working. :(
  6. S

    Whipped Soap Help

    Hi Everyone , I'm trying to find a recipe for whipped soap. I've combed through the forum and can't find what I'm looking for. Maybe one of you has a recipe? I want the consistency of whipped frosting that DOESN'T get hard and still holds it's shape. My goal is to add sugar/salt and make a soap...
  7. Lissa Loo

    Rebatched Cream Soap Recipe

    I am trying to make cream soap fro the first time. I want to use up some of my goat's milk leftover shavings. The rebatch is about a month old. Any idea where I can find a recipe for this method or any ideas? I need to know about adding glycerine, when and how much for a one pound batch. Do I...