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  1. Basil

    Honey, Oats and Goat Milk

    I am having too much fundo! My daughters are sending me molds from Amazon since I made the cacti soap LOL. I made this with the soy wax recipe.. I added some oats and then decided to go ahead and see what honey might do with that weird combo and it worked! I'm pretty anxious to try it. I'm going...
  2. Basil

    Colorants, molds and succulents

    My daughter asked me to make her succulent soaps for her outside boho wedding in Northern Az, very relaxed and wear casual clothes. She gave me artistic license, poor thing, so I played. Limited to a couple of succlents molds I decided to explore my options. Her reception is in their back yard...
  3. Basil

    Pictures of soap after SB incident/accident

    This is the new white soap I was working on the day of my mishap with the SB LOL. Saved from being pink or ‘blood red’😂 I made the brown soap yesterday with espresso, used coffee grounds, cocoa, cocoa butter and goat milk. I tried the ripple cutter but my straight lines are bad . Let me also...
  4. Basil

    Soy wax soap and frozen goat milk

    This is the final product of the goat milk soap made with soy wax. I used 15% of soy wax since I wanted to make sure I could control the temperature along with the goat milk. Very little stearic spots, but it was a bit of a challenge to get the goat milk hot enough without scorching bad and...