weigh error?

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  1. Kila

    What unit of weight* do you work with?

    This might be a really dumb question sorry in advance... 1. Do you use fluid ounces (versus regular ounces) when making soap? 2. Do you work with ounces or grams? I would like to work in grams but my scale doesnt show the decimal points (ie. 120.2 g) instead it would just show 120 grams. Would...
  2. JuneP

    Desperately need help, immediatelY!

    I had all my oils melted, then mixed and decided to weigh just in case. And what should be 800.86 grams oi oil only weighs 761.00 grams! As I weighed each oil, I put away the bottle. But one bottle was still on the counter - the castor oil, which should be 40.04 grams in this recipe. I...