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  1. RKrynicki

    Water discount on SoapCalc

    I just purchased the Royalty Soaps piping set and after watching some of the exclusive videos, I noticed that a recipe says it's a 20% water discount. How do I put that in the SoapCalc? I want to save the special recipe, but don't know how to input the water discount in the app. Help!
  2. bizarrebunny

    preventing gel with water discount

    I just read somewhere that you can use a water discount to prevent gel. Does the same apply if I'm using coconut milk instead of water? Thanks Zoe
  3. Dean

    Hot Process Water Discount

    Hi Soaperts. Got another question for you. What is the maximum amount that you have successfully water discounted HP soap? Please share your numbers in lye concentration (%) or water : lye ratio. Sorry to be so annoying but it aint easy becoming a self-taught chemist. Thanks in advance.
  4. D

    Is too little water possible?

    So, after a half dozen batches of CP soap, I decided that I was ready for (true) Castile :). I used SoapCalc.net to figure out how much lye to use, with a 40% lye solution and a 3% superfat (I was already feeling impatient with the 4 -6 month cure period, so I thought, less water/superfat...
  5. robertw98144

    Water discounts (AKA woah that's a hard loaf of soap!)

    Okay, I just had an interesting thing happen. I made some unscented & uncolored soap yesterday using OO, Palm & Coconut (equal %s of each) - but with a "water discount". In soapcalc, I used 27% Water as a percent of oil weight instead of the default 38%. So the water to lye ratio was 1.85:1...