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  1. KimT2au

    Question about master batch lye volume and storage

    Hi all I would like to master batch my lye but am not sure how to calculate the final volume. If, for example, I bought a 2ltr (2kg) bottle of distilled water and dissolved 2kg of lye in it, it would clearly not all fit back into the 2ltr bottle the distilled water came in, what would the...
  2. Butterfly777

    Ingredient proportions / percentages

    Hi I am a M&P newbie :) I do not know how to figure out how much (in weight / volume or percentage) of each ingredient to put in. Per kg, how much of the batch should be lye water, how much should be a combination of the oils, the solvents, fatty acids etc. I am trying to create my own recipe...
  3. T

    how big is a bar of soap?

    Hello, can anyone tell me the size of a bar of soap in volume (ie mls) instead of ounces or can somebody tell me if for example 4oz of soap is the same volume as 4oz of water? I make craft moulds mainly for cake decorating that are used for soap but following a few inquiries from soap makers...
  4. H

    how to measure soap volume for mold?

    Hello, I have been making soap for almost a year and have decided to increase my batch size. My father made me some wood loaf molds based on measurements we saw online for a 10lb loaf mold. Most wood molds are named for their size, 2lb, 4lb, 10lb, and so on. The interier dimensions we used are...