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  1. Grace131

    Shave Soap Disaster!! Help

    I would love to pick you soapers brains. I tried to make my first shave soap today, and it was a disaster. My recipe has 45% stearic acid, dual lye 60/40. I usually make cp soap, so this was a whole new experience for me. I don't like stearic acid, the high melt point puts me off lol. First off...
  2. Kevin roberts

    My wife is not happy. The kitchen is a mess.

    This is my third batch and less of a failure than the first two. 30 oz coconut oil 50 oz olive oil 11 oz lye 24 oz beer I’ve been trying to dry a portion of this batch that volcanoed yesterday in the oven. I’ve been turning the temp up a bit every hour or so. At 170 degrees, a portion, about...
  3. G

    Liquid soap disasters

    I made liquid soap many times, always turn out good. Tonite I was showing someone how to make liquid soap, as soon as I added the lye to the oil, it separated and no way could I stick blend it together. Then I steamed it, I did not use a crockpot, it volcano. Then there were solid pieces of...