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  1. Keaaukb

    Using Vinegar to harden Goat Milk Soaps

    I’ve read through many of the threads here relating to using vinegar as a hardener, I have found the calculations for water-based recipes. I’m wondering about how to adapt this for milk-based. I currently use 100% frozen goat milk to combine w sodium hydroxide. I can’t imagine that the milk...
  2. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Sodium Acetate (from Vinegar) - Safety, Other Reasons for Use & Sweatiness?

    I understand that the acetic acid in vinegar combines with caustic soda to produce sodium acetate and that, being a salt, the sodium acetate provides the benefit of hardening the soap. My very unscientifically informed internet search suggests that sodium acetate can cause skin irritation. To...
  3. sebs

    My vinegar is 4%, not 5%

    Hello everybody! I hope someone can help me. I frequently use sodium acetate in my recipes (2% of my total oil amount). I always follow the instructions on this thread to calculate the amount of water to replace with vinegar and the extra NaOH. Now happens that my vinegar has 4% acetic acid and...
  4. cmzaha

    Vinegar Usage_SMF Calculator

    I am sure most of you know by now I have posted numerous times about this wonderful calculator having a bit of an issue when it comes to entering Vinegar in the calculator. Once more I will try mentioning this and hopefully, it can be addressed. Today in-between making soap I played with the...
  5. R

    Soap to Rid Chlorine Smell from Swimmer

    A friend asked if I could figure out a way to make a bar of cold process soap that would remove the smell of chlorine. After swimming, he uses a shower gel made for this purpose, but wanted to know if it could be done in a bar. So, after looking around, it seems that citric acid or vinegar...