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  1. J

    Seven Single-Bar Batches of Soap

    I bought some Flaxseed Oil, Cocoa Butter, and Shea Butter and made some sample batches. 1. Coconut Oil 144 g, Flaxseed Oil 73g, Aloe Vera Gel 82g, Sodium Hydroxide 33g It made pink soap. 2. Coconut Oil 144 g, Cocoa Butter 73g, Aloe Vera Gel 82g, Sodium Hydroxide 33g It came out a dark cream or...
  2. Funmi

    High Shea butter cold process soap anyone?

    Happy Easter everyone, new soapmaker here. I was wandering what a high Shea butter soap say at least 70% unrefined Shea butter cold process would feel like. It is cheaper, easily assessible and more affordable where I live. I would use cold pressed palm kernel oil and castor oil for the rest. I...
  3. Olive Oil

    Refined or Unrefined Shea Butter for Hair Soap?

    Hi, I know that some people here are not fans of lye based soap for shampoo but for those who have some experience with them I am wondering if there is a difference in using refined or unrefined Shea Butter in a recipe in terms of making hair feel heavy. My hair soap recipe uses cocoa butter...