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  1. Seawolfe

    OMG salt soap! And a gradient!

    So again copious notes because I am a nubcake. And lousy pics because I insist on doing cell phone pics in-situ. Apologies if I'm not loading the pictures right. I had been reading all about salt bars and settled on making one last night. I'm supposed to be waiting for my shipment from SMR to...
  2. G

    Did I screw this up or what???

    Today, I did my 7th 2-pound batch of CP soap, and thought I had it all good, but when I checked it an hour later... what happened to my soap??? Everything was going just fine, at a light trace, and I added some tea grinds for an exfoliant, then 1 tsp of turmeric, and then I added the 1 oz of...