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  1. L

    Separating (?) batter: is it dangerous?

    I've been trying to master trace so I can play more with swirling techniques. My fragrance does accelerate a little bit (first batch turned into a panicked plop, but I really loved the texture), so after watching a million more videos, this time I followed Tree Marie's method in her night...
  2. Kerbear31

    Not freaking out when trace happens

    Hi, newbie here. Do any other beginning soapers kind of get freaked out when the soap hits trace? I’m still trying to develop a recipe per say, so I’ve been all over the place with oils and additives, but I feel like I’m running out of time whe the soap hits trace, to be able to pour things...
  3. M

    Can a mica or oxide affect trace?

    I have used clays and other organic ingredients to color my soap in the past. I wanted to branch into using micas and oxides. My first attempt totally seized and ruined my design. So I need all the tips I can get on working with colorants.
  4. JuneP

    Tracing question

    I've read about trace and understand what you should look for for light, medium and heavy trace,, but watching some of the CP videos on you tube, even in one of two closeups I don't see any sign of light trace. It looks like they just mix in the lye enough to mix well and then pour parts of the...