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  1. Makers Vlog 4 | POWER TOOLS? | MO River Soap

    Makers Vlog 4 | POWER TOOLS? | MO River Soap

    Holly @ Missouri River Soaps demonstrates power tools adapted to soap making. I particularly like the Cocoa Butter cutting demonstration.
  2. Bevel Tool 2019May_001

    Bevel Tool 2019May_001

    My new bevel tool purchased May 2019 from Lee Valley ( With practice I am getting better. Not yet as good as IrishLass does (, but I really like the look and feel of soaps with this bevel. Thank you, IrishLass!
  3. J

    Hand made soap tools?

    Hi guys! I am new to soap making, even though I placed a huge order (to me) there was no way I could afford all of the recommend/wanted tools all at once. I mainly ordered the actual soap making supplies and just the 10" mold. Is there any that I could make and/or use things around the house in...
  4. DianaMoon

    Using a Paint Mixer

    Hello everyone, Suddenly I got the urge to make soap and a week later, after reading like crazy and getting over my fear of lye, I'll be taking the plunge. The only concern I have is mixing to trace. I get bored easily & I won't have the patience to do it manually. I've got a drill with variable...