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  1. WonderfulSoaps

    My first Melt-&-Pour!

    Hey ya`ll! I made my first melt-&-pour soap and im super happy with the result! Im very nervous they will sweat so i've wrapped them in saran wrap and put them in am air tight container, If any one has any tips for packaging more professionally please tell me them all! Anywho, thank you for...
  2. WonderfulSoaps

    Hi! Im new And I made my first Bar!

    Hello everyone! My name is Felicity and I just got into the soap making hobby. Like many other people I found Royalty Soaps on YouTube and loved it! I quickly wanted to try my hand at it. To be honest the lye part of cold process soap really scares me but I was able to make my first soap! I used...
  3. NadiaLW

    First soap this saturday

    Hello, fellow soap enthusiasts! I am making my first soap, simple marseille soap, this weekend if everything goes well. I am reaching out to you with several questions, though. First, I am wondering what type of oils to choose. As it's a test and not meant for selling, I was planning on using...
  4. bbr

    For Craft’s Sake #25 Block mold

    Hello all, We’ve had a lot of luck with this mold and enjoy using it as it saves boatloads of time for us. However, I really hate dealing with petroleum jelly to adhere the Mylar and seal the corners. Has anyone discovered any alternate tricks? If not, how do you most effectively clean the...
  5. B

    Aspiring soap maker

    Hello all! I have recently discovered soap making and I would love to learn how to do it. I have done lots of research into the craft. I have decided to start with MP just to get a general idea but would eventually like to dive into CP. I’m just looking for general tips, tricks and...
  6. I

    Tips on making dried flowers stick to CP soap

    I have been playing around with different scents and dried flowers lately For some reason every time I try to put dried lavender buds on the top of my cold process soap it does not stick. EX. I made a loaf two days ago after I had poured on the mold I added the lavender buds. Two days after...
  7. B

    Has Anyone Experimented With Loose Leaf Teas in Soap?

    Hello, I'm Victoria. My quest is to eventually start up a small bath product line, and I'm looking to do some less common experimenting. So that brings me to the question; Has anyone ever experimented with loose leaf tea in soaps? How long did the soap last? Was the scent comparable to an...
  8. RatsBatsCats

    Am I Melting Enough?

    I made my second batch of MP tonight, and it seems like I'm not melting it enough. I'm doing it in short bursts, but there still seems to be spots in it of unmelted soap. I'm afraid of burning it though, any tips?