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  1. S

    My Valentine's day soap

    Do you see the hearts? :) The soap is scented with TSW's Black Raspberry Vanilla. I hope you like it. Happy Valentine's day everyone! :)
  2. Alprinceton


    I used "Terra Pozzuoli" clay, FeO and Titanium dioxide to make these tiger stripes. Coconut oil, lard, castor oil, salt, sugar, soy cream FO: Madagascar Spice
  3. seven

    Tiger stripes galore!

    Scented with sex on the beach FO. the yellow got a bit too dark for my taste and it didn't quite have the contrast i wanted with the orange. oh well... Again, i encountered problem with making this one as my mold was quite tall. i was using a cardboard for the stripes bit and the cardboard...
  4. seven

    Latest soaps

    Goats milk, oatmeal, and manuka honey. Scented with OMH (freakin love this scent!). Pink tiger stripes for V-day.. scented with love spell dupe.. Blackberry raspberry swirl.. Tienne, this is the lopsided edge soap i was talking about. notice the soap in the middle, the edge is different...
  5. seven

    Papaya-coconut milk, some kind of tiger stripes, and rose soaps :)

    this one is papaya-coconut milk combo. the orange one is obviously papaya. i cheated a bit by adding just a dash of color coz i dont want this part to go brown. the white one is coconut milk. did the hanger swirl, and scented with toasted coconut mixed with a dash of coconut lime verbena...