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  1. T

    I seem to hit thick trace very quickly every time

    So I'm pretty new to CP soapmaking, a few batches in, and I noticed that every batch I've made so far seems to reach thick trace relatively quickly. Like, when I get to the point where I'm pouring in the mold my batter is pudding-like. I know false trace is a thing, but I don't believe that's...
  2. Z

    Extremely thick trace in a basic, lard soap after 2 seconds.

    Hi guys, as I said in the title I was making simple, basic lard soap following this video: - 140g water - 67g sodium hydroxide - 500g lard After adding a lye solution into an oil, and starting a stick blender, it became incredibly thick and dark(ish) colored in literally two seconds. The...
  3. T

    Coconut Oil separating during Cold Process?

    This is my second time making soap, the first time went perfectly, I used olive oil and my soap came out great. This time I used Coconut Oil and did the exact same thing. It was perfect once I hit trace, but then it thickened up extremely fast. The top of my mold looks like one big thick mess...
  4. TNsoaper

    Soap goes to trace near instantly! Help!

    Okay, so I was making an experimental batch of shaving soap. In the soap was about 30% Tallow, 20% lard and oils such as grape, olive and 76F coconut oil. I also put in a good amount of stearic acid and some clay for the slip. My lye was sodium hydroxide and I got the oils down to about...