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  1. Savonette

    Temps and H2O

    Hi all, I'm at the phase of TOTAL RE-EVALUATION! I posted a recipe on the Calculator that I'd love some feedback on. I'm giving up on stearic acid (spots), citric acid (grainy) and fast setup (increasing my H2O%). I want the middle-of-the-road formula that can swirl a bit, has great lather...
  2. Purplerain

    to gel or not to gel and to heat or not to heat

    OK. So I have to throw my first batch out. As a painter I know that everything is rehearsal so I'm ok with that. The next will be better. I do like to study up though and in reading through post after post, I have two big questions that come up that I really can't figure out the answers to...
  3. C

    Question regarding temperature

    Why do I have to allow the lye and oils to cool for CP if it isn't necessary for HP? I figure it's because you don't want the EOs/FOs to flash but that's the only reason I can think of. If that's the case, then would it be alright to add the EOs once the lye/oils mixture has cooled while...