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  1. Dwilson9

    BathBomb techniques?

    Bathbomb “techniques”, do they exist? What are they? Surely there has got to be some special ‘techniques’ when it comes to producing bathbombs.. it can’t solely be the recipe right? For example, I had read somewhere that some people poke holes in their bath bombs to help them float...
  2. QueenJ

    Whipped body butter

    So I’ve been making whipped body butters for years and i have a few go to recipes that i use and I tried 2 techniques which require (cooling phase) I pop my oils in the fridge or freezer to quicken up the cooling process then whip until perfect consistency. Im curious if there is another way of...
  3. Zing

    Need advice, secret feather technique

    I'm trying a reverse secret feather (secret Christmas Tree) technique. I'm having trouble when laying down a new layer, it breaks through or disperses the previous layer. Soap Queen advises pouring over a spatula but it still dispersed the previous layer. If you've had success at this, let me...
  4. Zing

    Instructions for dancing funnel technique?

    Let me know if you know of any good written instructions for the dancing funnel. I have found awesome YouTube videos which are helpful. And I know how to calculate volume for specific molds. I'm more interested in the ratios or amounts of the outline color and the inside color. Thanks.