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  1. Anstarx

    EO percentage for spot treatment gel?

    I want to make a spot treatment gel for my acne and I plan to use tea tree oil in it. I've made a trial sample before and I like it, but unfornatunately lost the notes afterwards so I can't remember the exact percentages. However, I'm pretty sure the tea tree eo in there is over 10%. I was told...
  2. M

    Tea Tree Essential Oil

    looking for a supplier of quality tea tree EO online. found one I trusted but the shipping for a four ounce bottle was $16 and that made the oil just too expensive for me. thanks
  3. Saffron

    Lavender and Tea Tree - Endocryne Disrupters?

    I thought the theory that Lavender and Tea Tree EOs caused hormonal problems in boys was proved to be false (can't find the reference now), but here is an article again in today's news confirming the link...
  4. L

    Lavender & Oat Soap

    Here's my lavender and oat soap. It is scented with lavender eo and tea tree eo. Finely ground oats were added too. I tried something different this time! I used coconut water that was frozen into cubes. The coconut water came from a coconut that fell from a tree in our neighborhood. The...