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  1. H

    Essential Oils Sweating..?

    Hi All, Has anyone come across this before, it appears as if essential oils, or vit E, from a CP soap are sweating. The image below is taken after 24hrs from pour. Does anyone have any thoughts or feedback, i'd really love to get to the bottom of this one! Bests, H
  2. TrueGold

    Does Hot Process Soap Sweat?

    Greetings All And Happy Holidays! Newbie question: Does hot process soap sweat? I'm a melt & pour soap maker and wanting to go into HP (CP is just too long and bothersome for me). My issue with MP soaps are that they are prone to sweating in humid environments like here in Sydney, Australia...
  3. S

    Help required - suggest organic additives to prevent sweating in melt and pour soap

    I make organic soaps at home by melt and pour method. However, I live in India and during monsoons it attracts moistute through the plastic wrap I used for wrapping. The wrap is about 18 microns and stretch to some extent. I need to eradicate the sweating problem, either by applying a coat of...
  4. R


    Hello! New to M&P here,... I am making M&P soaps and wanted to package them in pretty wrapping paper but I'm concerned about sweating (which happened to a couple of my soaps). I'm concerned the recipients will find their gifts unsightly. My Q is, can I somehow "cure" my soaps somehow, like...
  5. Logansama

    Help with sweaty soap?

    I'm sorry if this topic has come up, but I now remember why I don't use MP very much. :( I made a lovely batch of CP soap with opaque MP embeds. I cut a week ago and just checked it, and the embeds are all beaded with sweat. And its so bad, the cut glycerine soap is kinda lumpy. I also did a...
  6. Lissa Loo

    Sweating soap/ just poured

    I tried to make a face bar last night. I used store bought almond milk and fresh goat's milk. My recipe used sea clay and I read on a blog to add water to it before hand. Well, I didn't have distilled on hand so I mixed it with a tbs of Deer Park. I checked on it after 2hrs in the freezer and...
  7. D

    Desperately need help with my candles

    I'm trying to start a project with my mother-in-law so we can sell various things such as jewelry, unique painted picture frames and of course wax candles. Here's my problem... We are using 2 different kinds of wax. Paraffin and cream waxes. We are having great success with the cream wax but...