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  1. S

    Help required - suggest organic additives to prevent sweating in melt and pour soap

    I make organic soaps at home by melt and pour method. However, I live in India and during monsoons it attracts moistute through the plastic wrap I used for wrapping. The wrap is about 18 microns and stretch to some extent. I need to eradicate the sweating problem, either by applying a coat of...
  2. R


    Hello! New to M&P here,... I am making M&P soaps and wanted to package them in pretty wrapping paper but I'm concerned about sweating (which happened to a couple of my soaps). I'm concerned the recipients will find their gifts unsightly. My Q is, can I somehow "cure" my soaps somehow, like...
  3. Logansama

    Help with sweaty soap?

    I'm sorry if this topic has come up, but I now remember why I don't use MP very much. :( I made a lovely batch of CP soap with opaque MP embeds. I cut a week ago and just checked it, and the embeds are all beaded with sweat. And its so bad, the cut glycerine soap is kinda lumpy. I also did a...
  4. Lissa Loo

    Sweating soap/ just poured

    I tried to make a face bar last night. I used store bought almond milk and fresh goat's milk. My recipe used sea clay and I read on a blog to add water to it before hand. Well, I didn't have distilled on hand so I mixed it with a tbs of Deer Park. I checked on it after 2hrs in the freezer and...
  5. D

    Desperately need help with my candles

    I'm trying to start a project with my mother-in-law so we can sell various things such as jewelry, unique painted picture frames and of course wax candles. Here's my problem... We are using 2 different kinds of wax. Paraffin and cream waxes. We are having great success with the cream wax but...