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  1. Essential7

    What Would You Like To See Us Carry For You?

    We are always looking for ways to support our soapmakers and offer items that others don't carry. Please share with us supplies that are challenging for you to purchase. We appreciate your thoughts. Thank You Essential7
  2. N

    Hello from Virginia - And a question about the hobby and plastic

    Hi there! I've been interested in soap making for a few years now but never really had the time or space to really go all in. Now that I've finished grad school and am in a much more financially stable place, I'd really like to give the hobby a try (and not just soap but some cosmetics/skincare...
  3. KimT2au

    Keeping track of ingredient costs across a number of suppliers - a spreadsheet.

    Hi all, I really did not know where to place this post as I am guessing those who soap for a business probably use various accounting / order tracing software, I don't think it is applicable under general chit chat but really this could be useful for hobbyists in any of our areas of...
  4. cmzaha

    Gemlite Soap & Candle Supply

    What nice people to work with. I placed an online order last night and forgot to add in the sample size of Oakmoss. I called them this morning to see if they could possibly add it to my order so I would not have to pay additional shipping. There was absolutely no problem. I am real curious about...
  5. L

    Soap-Making-Resource BOGO 1oz EOs

    I'm not from this company, but I saw the advertisement for this promo on their FaceBook page, and figured I'd post it in case someone else wants to take advantage of the deal. If this is the incorrect place to post this, please let me know where and how to move it...
  6. M

    Canadian suppliers. . . .

    I've done a ton searches - here on the forum and on the web... I don't like asking the same question someone(s) else has asked, I understand irritating repetitive questions, but I'm at a loss. I don't have any local soaping friends, so I come to you! My virtual soaping friends :) Here's the...
  7. H

    Soap Supplier AUSTRALIA

    Hi there, I live in Sydney and I found my online wholesaler along with a lot of other rather expensive online suppliers. Can anyone recommend a good wholesale who supplies soap making products in AUSTRALIA? Thanks Hepzi