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  1. Clarice

    Can Palm Oil be substituted for Palm Kernel Flakes?

    Would it be as simple as running the recipe through the SoapCalculator again? Will this drive significant changes in my soap? Thank you!
  2. R

    Substitute Oils?

    Does anyone know which site has the chart of oils and the substitutes that can be used? I was using it and should have bookmarked or printed...for what ever reason I am not finding it now. Lots of other info on many sites... but that chart was very simple and easy to reference. Not sure why my...
  3. ParadiseFarm

    Olive oil versus Rice bran oil - am I understanding this right?

    Hi, Just checking - I've read in some places that "you can replace up to 100% of olive oil with rice bran oil" and in other places "olive oil has unique properties that you can't really substitute". I'm guessing the unique properties are the hardness (like castille soaps) so if you were using...