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  1. LittleSis

    Inexpensive Master Batched Lye Tank?

    Hello fellow soapers! I’ve been master batching my lye for a few years and love it! I’ve been looking for a storage tank that won’t break the bank and I may have found one, but wanted to get your thoughts on it. It’s actually a beer making boiler, but it’s capacity Is 9 gallons (so really 7.5 or...
  2. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Moldy soaps, Storage, Packaging, Shelf Life

    This image is from a batch of soap I made on 27 May, 2020 using the HP. Why did these moldy spots appear? ... and isn't it odd that the molding happened to only these 3 out of the 10 bars that had been tumbled together in a sealed plastic bag? The water content was at the rate of 38% of...
  3. Q

    Bath Salts Storage

    Hello, I am new to making bath salts and wanted to store them inside something else besides glass containers. The bath salts will be made with EO and FO, and i want to store then in an unlined metal (steel) tin. Will the salt or oils cause the steel to corrode? Will the steel cause a negative...
  4. Dawni

    Let's talk about lard, baby

    Let's talk about you and me Let's talk about all the good things and thr bad things that may be Let's talk about s.... lard :D So, almost since joining here and reading about it, I've been looking for where to buy lard and I've not been able to find any nearby. No rendered lard. I thought I'd...
  5. MaryWaldman

    Ideas for storing FO test soap samples?

    Occasionally I will make a batch of my basic CP recipe then divide it and add a one ounce scent sample to each bowl. I then pour into small molds and let cure. After about three months I put the finished soap into individual ziplock bags labeled with the cook date, FO name, manufacturer, date...
  6. O

    How to store caustic soda? A safety issue

    Hello again :) I finally got the right caustic soda and I made a bit of soap yesterday to test it. Sorry, this will be a bit long, I just want to explain it properly. I am a bit of a safety freak, especially since I have kids and pets around the house, so here is my issue: The caustic soda...
  7. K

    Can you put fragrance oils in plasic bottles?

    Hi all, I am thinking about offering some 1 and 2 oz. fragrance oils in my shop and I am wondering if I would be able to put them in small plastic bottles? thanks so much for your help.