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  1. A

    First batch of soap gone wrong

    Hi, Does anyone know why when stick blending, half my batter was so thick whilst the other half was still liquid? As such, I had to stick blend further, however it became too thick for pouring in the mold. My soap also started to crack. Can anyone tell me what went wrong? Thanks.
  2. Zing

    1 stick blender, many colors

    I have one stick blender and making several batches with multiple colors. Can it sit in a bowl of distilled water in between use? Or do you clean it in between uses? Thanks,
  3. A

    SBHP Questions

    Okay, fine soapers! Today is my second attempt at an SBHP soap batch. (The first one failed miserably and I think it's because I didn't use hot lye nor keep the temps up...ugh!) Before I get started, I have a few questions for our savvy SBHPers: Will using any recipe I've used for HP be...