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  1. squigglz

    Been away so long--Latest soaps :)

    Hey all, took ages for me to come back :) Missed this forum! Here's some of the soap I have been working on. I hope this post is ok ^^ Just a couple Halloweens
  2. Techie Joe

    Han Solo frozen in Carbonite - Star Wars moulds

    Is that the perfect soap bar design or what? The moulds are all around 6 inches wide which I estimate would make the small Han Solo bars just under 2" long x 1" wide x 1/2" thick I paid €2.26 and free postage from China 7 types available, made for making...
  3. inkyfingers

    cinnamon and star anise EO in soap

    My soaping buddy and I want to make some red and black soap, as those are the colours of the dance studio we attend, and we love it. We planned on using cinnamon for the red soap, and star anise for the black, as we think those scents work well with those colours, but now I realize those EOs...