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  1. K

    Using Lake Dyes

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some insight on using lake dyes, as I am new to using dyes and I could use some help! I have been trying to make bath bombs with lake dyes and I haven't had any real problems except one. When I hold the bath bomb in my hand (especially if it is wet) it will stain...
  2. serene_caprine

    Coloring Soap/Staining

    Hello! I have been making goat milk soap for a short while now and I am getting tired of the dull-brown color I usually get from it. I have concocted a new recipe and I assume if I keep it in an ice bath (while making) and then in the fridge (while curing) I will have a much lighter color to...
  3. E

    Will Body Butters Stain?

    Hello all, I'm very new to soaping, but I'm already totally hooked. I decided to kill some time today by making a whipped shea body butter. It turned out pretty well, but now I'm wondering...will it stain? I used about 7 oz of shea butter, 2.5 oz coconut oil, and about 2 ml of essential...