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  1. Zing

    help now - spilled essential oil!

    I'm soaping tonight and had a mishap and really spilled essential oils. It spilled on my scale and is 'eating' the plastic on it. I'm going to put it in rice. It's on the counter and floor too. Can I neutralize it somehow? Thank you.
  2. wta_atw

    Lye Spill Handled Incorrectly.

    So yesterday I spilt a bit of lye water in my bathroom floor. Just a few splashes. I quickly threw a ton of vinegar on it, which I realized was a horrible idea and so i went for the water hose and began to spray down the area with water, which sounds like im just escalating the issue. I realized...
  3. B

    How to Clean up After a Spill in kitchen

    Hi, Yesterday I was attempting my first batch of cp soap. When I had just combined the oils and lye solution I used a stick blender and did not realize it was not completely submerged in the mixture. When I turned it on, the mixture splattered a few places, mainly on the floor with a little...