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  1. B

    Oil Substitution... Help?

    I'm still fairly new to the soap-making process and am trying a new recipe. It calls for 6.5 oz. Soybean oil. Can I substitute this with 6.5 oz. Olive oil? Recipe is as follows: -2.1 oz cocoa butter (refined) -9.5 oz 76 degree melt coconut oil -4.4 oz refined sunflower oil -6.5 oz soybean oil...
  2. MatthewDM

    Soybean oil substitute

    What is a good soybean oil substitute?
  3. X

    Any reason I shouldn't be getting trace?

    %22 Coconut %35 Soybean %43 Olive Using 2:1 Water/lye ratio Did a round last night and poured it soupy and it never hardened after 12 hours. So I poured it out and am working on a second batch this time measuring it by grams rather than oz's to keep the numbers perfect. Using a stick...