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  1. Malixy

    Issue with weird ring around the edge of candles

    I've noticed this happening with my scented soy candles. They look perfect initially but after a few weeks this weird ring seems to appear around the edge of the candles. Does anyone know why that is or how to prevent it from happening?
  2. H

    Help! My soy candle crystalized

    Hi, i've been making soy candles for about a month using "naturewax c3" wax. Usually they turn out great or only have a sinkhole that is easily fixable. Last night i made a candle using brambleberry's "midnight waters" FO for the first time and in the morning the candle was set and looked like...
  3. J

    Candle help.

    I am a new candle maker and I have a few questions.... First, do you use stearic acid in your soy candles? If you do or don't, what are thoughts on using stearic acid?Second, I've switched scents, waxes, and my measurements and my scent throw still isn't up to par. What could I be doing wrong...
  4. E

    Holes under surface in soy wax candle? Help!

    Hi! I'm new to candle making and have only made a few candles so far. Every candle I've make has had these holes (see picture) that only appear about 10-15 minutes into the initial burn. The melt pool also starts bubbling. The surface of my candles are smooth once they have set so it's...
  5. S

    Help with Storing Soy Candles

    Hello Everyone, What is the best temperature to store soy candles and how long do they last? Last year I stored candles on the main floor of my home which gets very warm in the summer and I also stored some in the lower level. The ones on the main floor look like they have mottled - possibly...
  6. J

    My soy candles have holes/rough surface at the side! Help!

    Hi guys! I'm pretty new to candle making and have been using the GW464 wax to make my candles. As you can see in the photo, there are holes/cracks(?) that are quite visible at the sides of my glass candles. I heat my jars till it's warm to the touch before pouring. I add my fragrance in at 7%...
  7. C

    Cracks, Sinkholes & Tunneling

    Hi, I'm new to candlemaking. I've only been at it since May. I just switched from using tins to using mason jars. I use 464 wax and now that I'm using the jars I'm getting tunneling around the wick, sinkholes and cracks in the tops of my candles. I never had this problem with the tins. I had a...
  8. Grungedoll

    Help a new candle maker!

    Hello! As it says in the subject I am brand new at candle making but already so in love with it and soaking in all the knowledge I can (so any help would be very appreciated!) Ive read numerous times that to fix imperfections on the tops of your soy candles you can use left over wax from the pot...
  9. K

    Removing Fragrance Oil

    Does anyone have a recommendation for how to remove fragrance oil from a large stainless steel wax melter after making soy candles?
  10. nscandles

    Is adding coconut oil OK?

    Hi, I've been working with Golden 444, trying various things in an attempt to stop sink holes, bubbling & rough surfaces from forming. I thought I might buy some coconut oil & try adding a bit to see if that helps. I'm concerned about one thing though: will adding coconut oil lower melt...