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  1. J

    Weird spots on solid conditioner

    Hey, guys! I've made this solid conditioner using my usual recipe, stored it in a cool, clean place, and less than 48 hours later it had those weird spots that, to me, look like a petri dish!! I used 10x orange essential oil and all the other solid conditioners I made the same day (with the...
  2. M


    Hi i have a question. Can anyone help me figure out how i can add liquid germall to my conditioner bar? I have been going crazy in getting the temperature low enough to add but at the same time it’s too low that it solidifies already
  3. E

    Help with solid conditioner bar, please

    Hi all, Brand new to this, so please bear with me :) I want to make a solid conditioner bar using this recipe from : Basic recipe 30% (15g) cocoa butter (Amazon) 30% (15g) incroquat* (behentrimonium chloride) (Amazon) 20% (10g) cetyl...