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  1. Iluminameluna

    Huge soleseif error I don't know how I can fix.

    Earlier this week, I created a modified version of a recipe I've already made before. A lard/OO/CO76/Castor (%: 50/30/15/5). I include a photo of my printed recipe with notes, because it illustrates the glaring mistake I made that I didn't see until just now. My oil percentages (amounts) are ALL...
  2. Iluminameluna

    Confused about Soleseif and adding fruit puree

    I've read the posts suggested in another thread and, among others, Bramble Berry's post on how to best add fruit puree to a recipe (the suggestion is 1 part puree, 2 parts liquid). However, elsewhere, but I don't remember exactly where, I read/saw that some acid, like a citrus juice or...