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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    What to do with mountains of soap

    I have several kilos of soap that have no rancidity or mold despite being 3 and 4 years old. Using them is still very pleasurable. Unfortunately however, most of them were a little too soft and got dented so badly that it might seem ridiculous to sell or even given them away. I started to very...
  2. Blufuz

    Just-soft-enough soap to cut?

    Hello, everyone! I got a request for a block of soap that could be cut into bars as needed, rather than pre-cut. Does anyone have experience with this? Is there a way to get soap just soft enough to cut for up to a year or more, but not so soft that it dissolves extremely quickly? I’ve made a...
  3. C

    Help please - soft soap

    Hi I'm just starting my journey with soap making. I've adapted my recipe and the way I do things a few times so far. My bars are still so incredibly soft 24-48 hours after making it. Which makes cutting a huge mess. From everyones videos that I've watched mine shouldn't be like that. I was...
  4. melinda48

    Soft soap

    I made some lavender soap for my son five weeks ago. His intent was to sell it at market tomorrow. Last weekend I shrink-wrapped the soap and took it to him. Today he called to say the soap is very soft. I have never had this happen. I have lots of soap, all shrink-wrapped and none is soft...
  5. M

    Is my batch ok??

    Hello, I've just made the three cold process soaps so far, and the last one seems a bit weird. The other two were internet recipes and they came out fine (except in No.2 I experienced what I now know to be almost 'seize'). But this last batch seems really, really soft. For this I used a recipe...
  6. B

    Soaping Troubles - Soft bars, even with multiple recipes?

    Hello, I am a semi-new soaper, having made approx 10-12 batches of soap, totaling maybe 25lbs of soap. Different recipes, different additives, different scents. The first many batches went very smoothly, hard bars, nice scents, etc, no trouble at all... But, of course, as soon as we start...