sodium hydroxide


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  1. bizarrebunny

    Question for UK soap makers

    This is probably a long shot but has anyone come across caustic soda which is actually produced in the UK? I'm trying to make soap from just UK produced ingredients, so far every company I have asked imports the caustic soda and then repackages it here. Thanks Zoe
  2. M

    sodium hydroxide old

    I found an old box of sodium hydroxide in my garage and some of it leaked out. looks dry. would you assume it's not fit to use for soap making now? thanks for any advice.
  3. T

    Lye purity

    I really tried searching the forum before asking my following question (and I am new here so that could be the glitch perhaps), but I did not find any threads fully discussing this topic. Please help if you can--or direct me to the relevant thread(s). Question. I am trying to research...