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  1. D

    heavy duty hand cleaner ( hand soap)

    Can use Sodium carbonate ( washing soda) in heavy duty hand cleaner( industrial hand soap) ? thank you
  2. C

    Can you use soda?

    Hi everyone, So I have a weird question. Lately I've been branching out with my cp soap and was wondering if you can use soda instead of water? I've used milk and beer but I've never heard of anyone using soda before. I'm sure there is a reason but have any of you ever tried it? I know with...
  3. B

    Beer Soap, Wine Soap, Pepsi Soap?

    OK I know you can make soap with wine & beer but how about soda? I had someone ask me at a craft show if I could make Pepsi soap or Coca Cola Soap and that started me thinking (God Help Us All;) Would you make it just the same as beer soap - letting it go FLAT, FLAT, FLAT and even more FLAT...