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  1. Olive Oil Based Soap

    Olive Oil Based Soap

    This is a cold process soap with an olive oil base, I've added Orange and Lemon essential oils, as well as a Cherry Fragrance oil.
  2. myjslux81

    A little introduction from a Newbie Visually Impaired Soapmaker

    Hi there! My name is Jenny Lux. I am not sure if I am doing this correctly but I saw that this thread was for new soap makers. The reason I am not sure if I am inserting my introduction in the right place is because I am legally blind/visually impaired. Due to birth defect and glaucoma, I have...
  3. M

    Need to Get start !

    hi Everyone ! i'm a new soapmaker and i really LOVE the idea of making soap it's been a while i read alot of about the process, problems and technics, so i want to make my first step and get start. i bought almost what i need to make soap,materials, lye (NAOH) ,oils,..... but i really found...
  4. M

    Using Soapmaker 3 for other body products?

    I just started using Soapmaker 3 Pro for my soaps and I like it a lot. I was wondering if anyone on the forum uses it for things like lip balms? I use some of the same oil inventory for the lip balms as in my soaps so was hoping that I could keep track of my inventory for both. Nothing on the...