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  1. katiemarie1986

    Butterfly Swirl

    So I am pretty excited about this soap! My design came through on enough bars to make it worth the effort LOL I used Atomic Orange, Love and Sunshine, and Titanium Dioxide from Nurture, and the scent is Awaken by Nurture. I call this bar Hello Sunshine! One of my best sellers with a new design...
  2. LatherDaddy

    Greetings from Portland, Maine!

    Hi all you beautiful soapers! Just getting into soap making and candle making, already found some very useful info on these forums. Happy to become a contributing member. Anyone in New England or Midcoast / Southern Maine that would be open to talking I have lots of questions and would like...
  3. Iluminameluna

    Where are my manners?!

    Hello, Soaping geniuses! My name is Jessie and I've been lurking and posting (a bit) and though I read through the pinned posts, I'd never introduced myself. That's just rude and inexcusable, right? :rolleyes: So here are my bonafides: I'm originally from San Francisco, but in a very...