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  1. TrueGold

    Does Hot Process Soap Sweat?

    Greetings All And Happy Holidays! Newbie question: Does hot process soap sweat? I'm a melt & pour soap maker and wanting to go into HP (CP is just too long and bothersome for me). My issue with MP soaps are that they are prone to sweating in humid environments like here in Sydney, Australia...
  2. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Sodium Acetate (from Vinegar) - Safety, Other Reasons for Use & Sweatiness?

    I understand that the acetic acid in vinegar combines with caustic soda to produce sodium acetate and that, being a salt, the sodium acetate provides the benefit of hardening the soap. My very unscientifically informed internet search suggests that sodium acetate can cause skin irritation. To...
  3. Ravenscourt Apothecary

    Soap Sweating & Probably Not Enough Lye - Help Please?

    Please help me figure out how to fix this: I made a batch last night using my old (unscented) recipe, measuring it all out and doing everything the usual way (or so I thought). I noticed right away that the batter took its sweet time reaching a trace - much longer than normal I'd say. When it...