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  1. cmzaha

    Sodium Gluconate

    Has anyone soaped with Sodium Gluconate? I usually use Tetrasodium EDTA but decided to add in some SG in soap for my daughter. She nows lives in an area with extremely hard well water. She tells me her hair is a mess and so is her skin. I actually used it in 3 batches and all accelerated, forth...
  2. SaltedFig

    GLDA, a modern alternative to EDTA

    I posted this information in another thread, but I'm placing the information here so it can be easily found. EDTA EDTA, created in 1935, is a persistant organic pollutant (or POP). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persistent_organic_pollutant EDTA is not biodegradeable, is fossil-fuel based, is...
  3. CookbookChef

    Amount of liquid Dish-washing soap to be used per Load of Dishes

    Hello, I noticed that when a container of commercial liquid dish-washing soap is bought and used, I only need one simple squirt to do a whole load of dishes. Nice Bubbles, and pretty clear looking dishwater overall. I noticed that when I make my Homemade from Scratch Liquid Dish-washing Soap, I...