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  1. Lipgloss100

    soap on a rope with embeds - not sure which mold to use

    Hi there- Since I like to complicate my life, there's a specific soap that I want to make, but not sure about the best mold to use and was hoping someone could guide me in the right direction. I want to make Soap On A Rope with each soap containing an embed. I need the size of each soap to be...
  2. deadken123

    How do I make a CP soap batter that wont seize........................

    Hey guys- I need help! I'm trying to make mini soaps(0.5 oz/ea).I want to make 100 mini soaps at a time. I have 5 silicone molds with 20 individual slots in each one.My problem is my soap seizes about 1/2 thru the mold filling process.Before I can finish my batter has turned thicker and I...