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  1. Lipgloss100

    soap on a rope with embeds - not sure which mold to use

    Hi there- Since I like to complicate my life, there's a specific soap that I want to make, but not sure about the best mold to use and was hoping someone could guide me in the right direction. I want to make Soap On A Rope with each soap containing an embed. I need the size of each soap to be...
  2. JuneP

    What if your preferred soap thickness?

    I was looking at various soap cutters and most seem to have the wires set to cut 1" bars; but one gave you the option of ordering 1" or 1 1/4", or maybe even a custom size. So I thought i'd ask what members preferred bar thickness and/or bar weight is. I've been using a cheese cutter...
  3. WithLovefromNature

    Is a Loaf Soap Cutter Worth it?

    I have been very interested in getting a loaf soap cutter and wondered what experiences people have had with them. Which ones worked the best/worst and so forth. I found a guy on etsy who makes them for $160 and thought I might try him, but it just seems so pricey for a cutter. Worth its weight...