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  1. Satinfox

    New Soap Cutter

    Hello Everyone :)! I just purchased a new soap cutter online. I have never used a soap cutter with a wire before but I have seen it on the internet. I see the other soapers sliding their loaves along and cutting to their hearts content; but, when I try to do that I notice that there are...
  2. dndlyon

    Wire soap cutters - when to replace the wires?

    Hello there! Quick question about wire soap cutters... I have a multi-bar cutter that I purchased from Bud's Woodshop on Etsy. I've been using it for over a year and have probably cut close to 100 batches of CP soap on it. I cut 4 loafs into bars yesterday and noticed that the bottom of the...
  3. S

    Soap Slab Cutter Diy

    Just wondering if there are diy plans for making your own slab loaf cutter? I have the dough pan aka soap slab molds. It measures 12 x 24 x 3 Id like to make a cutter to cut the slab in about 4 loaves. Any ideas? I just cant buy the new expensive ones just yet because we are trying to recover...
  4. S

    Large Equipment Soaps and Candles North Carolina

    Hello I lost everything to Hurricane Florence last September. We have to rebuild a workshop. I am looking for used equipment for soaps and candles near Jacksonville NC. Can text pictures and questions 910 467 1488 Anyone destashing? Pass the word if you know someone. Thank you. Sonya lye...
  5. Bud Cutter 2016Sept

    Bud Cutter 2016Sept

    I bought this single bar Bud Cutter in Sept of 2016. Cost at the time was $85.00 plus shipping. Adjustable width of soap is an excellent feature.
  6. Zelda Rose

    1 inch soap cutter question

    If I have a 1 inch wire soap cutter can I move the soap log over 1/2in and cut again getting 1/2 thick soap?? It's for guest soaps. I don't want to have to buy 2 soap cutters. Will I get a clean cut?? Anyone done this before??:eh:
  7. WithLovefromNature

    Is a Loaf Soap Cutter Worth it?

    I have been very interested in getting a loaf soap cutter and wondered what experiences people have had with them. Which ones worked the best/worst and so forth. I found a guy on etsy who makes them for $160 and thought I might try him, but it just seems so pricey for a cutter. Worth its weight...
  8. C

    Soap cracking...

    Hello. I made a few small batches of CP soap using different oils and butters and every time I slice them they crack at the bottom and some at the side making my bars quite useless. I left it to cure for different length of time: 24 hours, 72 hours and one of them made with softer oils for one...