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  1. spiritpots

    Curing soaps and essential oil scents

    I have what is perhaps an unusual question regarding the smell of essential oils as my soap cures. I cure my soaps on a bakers rack in my office in my house and generally make a couple batches (two dozen bars) every month or so and have never found the scent of the curing soap to be an issue...
  2. S

    Soap curing

    What do you place your bars on during the curing process? I am going to cure mine in the spare bathroom (safe from the animals in the house). It has wire shelving. I read that curing on wire shelves can cause DOS. Most of my soaps have high OO so the curing process will be long.
  3. goldendaddie

    Curing and Ventilation in warm climates

    Aloha! I live in Hawaii and I’m going to make my first batch of soap in a few weeks (once all my online orders arrive). Once I begin the curing phase (4-6 weeks), I have extremely limited areas to have my soap hang out undisturbed. The two spots I‘m considering for curing: - linen closet...
  4. R

    Curing method - what do you do, how do you do it how long do you allow?

    I'm trying to figure out why some of my soaps, from the same recipe/batch, behave differently than those in other moulds. For example, I have a 1 3/4" pvc pipe mould that I usually pour first because the soap is at it most pourable and it flows better into the small enclosed mould. I then...