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  1. draftbook

    If oils not found on soap calculator ?

    I have recipe i want use some oils didn't find on soap calculator. How i calculate oil saponification ?
  2. Kelly Frizzell

    Vegetable Ghee, is it Palm Oil?

    I was trying to find Palm Oil as a lot of the beginner recipes I have found ask for it - after checking a few places, I read that Vegetable Ghee was Palm oil so I sent hubby to get some, but the ingredients say Soybean Oil and then Palm Oil), I cannot find it on a Soap Calculator (I have found...
  3. DianaMoon

    Spectrum Vegetable Shortening - How to Calculate

    Should I calculate it as regular palm oil, or as Crisco with palm oil? The two yield different results from Soap Calc.
  4. T

    YASC - Yet Another Soap Calculator

    I'm really not sure where to post this, but since the sticky for the calculators is here, I figured this is where I should. I also added a post to the Calculator thread, as I would like to submit it, but would like to talk a little more about it. Currently, it is code-named: Project YASC (Yet...
  5. B

    Hp in crock pot ??

    Hello everyone :wave: I'm new to soaping & this forum. So I have made Hp/crock-pot 2x and both times chose to use two different colors. The process seemed to go well but even though I know it can be gloppy when putting in mold when I un-molded the 2 layers of color separated on me.Does anyone...
  6. J

    Beta Test New Soap Calculator

    I am developing a soap calculator that uses more modern web technologies. If you would like to try it out, please pm me. Thanks!