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  1. H

    Newbie questions about calculating oil percentages

    I’m new to soapmaking and I currently have OO, sweet almond oil, castor oil, unrefined cocoa butter, CO (76 degree), palm oil, and one more I can’t think of right now. I’d like to make eczema soap (have colloidal oatmeal made in my blender) but I’m not sure how to learn how to properly...
  2. J

    Newbie question re Songwind thread

    On the very first page of the Songwind Shaving Soap thread, the OP gives the amounts of stearic, coconut oil, glycerin and essential oils they used for their small batch of shave soap. They say they saponified...
  3. DianaMoon

    How Reliable Is Soap Calc?

    I think it is very reliable, for the most part, but not 100%. In another thread the rather obscure topic of neats foot oil (NFO) came up. Now, I realize this is pretty obscure, and most soapers aren't likely to care about it but I add it here because this forum attracts people who are passionate...
  4. goji_fries

    Which soap calc works best for you?

    I use this one: