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  1. U

    New here from California

    Hello fellow crafters! So glad to find this forum. I've been binge reading lye-based forum primarily but will check out the rest as well! I started middle of this year with soapmaking for home but the hobby quicky became a bit more intense. I tried selling my creations on a neighbor's holiday...
  2. C

    Why Do People Buy Soap?

    I was just thinking about why people buy soap. I came up with a list of 20 reasons. Here's why that exercise might be of interest to YOU... In marketing a product of any kind, it's often helpful to think about the unique features of that product. That's usually described by marketers as the...
  3. xoticsoaps

    What's the best weight for sample soap?

    I want to make oval-shaped sample versions of my full-size bars of soap, but the soap mold I want to use stated that the soap cavities were 104g each. This translates to about 3.6oz! My full-size bars of soap are going to be 4oz, so the weight of the sample soap needs to be much less than 3.6oz...
  4. C

    Hello From Alabama!

    Hi, I go by CrafterAl. Just joined in today. I live and work on a small farm, about 50 acres. We garden seriously and keep cattle and a dozen or so registered Nubian dairy goats. I've been making soap off and on for about 15 years. My specialty is milk soap. Have made a bit over 35,000...