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  1. I

    Sodium Lactate in soap

    Hi, I added sodium lactate and sodium citrate to my melt and pour base(hot process soap method). It turned out a little crumbly- I have read in other forums that this means that sodium lactate was a little extra thats why the crumbleness. Does extra sodium lactate also cause dry skin? I had read...
  2. Christopher C.

    Adding extra oil & melting soap base without microwave/crock pot

    Hello. I'm new to soap making. I would like to do this as a hobby and hopefully something I can earn from. :) I have a few questions though, please help me with these: 1. Can I add a half-liter of coconut oil to a 1 liter of glycerine soap base? (For extra lather and quantity). 2. I live in a...
  3. E

    Foaming bath butter

    I purchased a recipe for a foaming bath butter base but when I rinse it, the skin feel is terrible! I’m thinking to sub the stearic acid for Cetyl alcohol. Anyone have experience with foaming bath butters/whips??
  4. D

    Looking for a specific soap base, can you help me?

    Hello, I'm looking for a soap base that will remain soft at first but then dries out and becomes crunchy/flaky when left out for awhile. Does anyone know of any soap bases that would result in something like that? The reason I ask is because I wanted to make my own soap for crunchy soap sensory...
  5. CookbookChef

    Is doing M&P Cheating? Like a Box Cake Mix?

    I was having a discussion at a local craft fair with fellow soap makers. On the left side of the room they had a stand up with M&P Soaps, Lovely indeed...But the Price they listed was exactly the same price as the Cold Process Soap stand right next to them. The Cold Process Soap people felt...