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  1. A

    The PH in my soap is around 10 help

    Hi there. I started making soap for myself a couple of months ago. Today I have checked the PH on my last (the only usable soap). I made it on the 14th October, and the PH is around 10. How could I prevent the PH from being so high? I would like it to be more around an 8 if possible. Thank you...
  2. M

    Little timy bumps in soap.

    Anyone know why these little bump pops up on soap. Is it my temperature? Or bubbles? Any advice would be greatly appreciated?
  3. Olive Oil Based Soap

    Olive Oil Based Soap

    This is a cold process soap with an olive oil base, I've added Orange and Lemon essential oils, as well as a Cherry Fragrance oil.
  4. A


    Hello. I recently made a batch of soaps with 1% sandalwood eo. Oils are sunflower, coconut oil, and a bit of shea. The end product smells a little spicy. Not like sandalwood. It's not unpleasant. Just strange. Has anyone had that happen with sandalwood? Thanks in advance!
  5. goldendaddie

    I finished my first batch of soap!

    I did it - I made soap! My first batch (on June 7th) was a beer soap recipe from Kelly Cable’s book: The Natural Soapmaking Book for Beginners”. The recipe contained: INGREDIENTS: ▪ 6.2 ounces water ▪ 6 ounces flat beer (I used Gold Coast IPA from Kona Brewing) ▪ 13 ounces olive oil ▪ 8...
  6. JuneP

    Soap shrinkage rates & soap bar size when made, unmolded, and cured.

    I'd love to know what your soap bar measurements after un-molding, and what your lye concentration is it to get to that size. And then, what is the size of your cured soap after your usual cure time of 4 or 8 weeks, or???? I'm trying to figure out how many oz of oils I need to fill the...